Board of Directors

Waccamaw Regional operates under the guidance of a 25-member Board of Directors, comprised of elected officials and citizens from throughout the region it serves.


Randal Wallace, Chairman
Murray Vernon, Vice Chairman
J. Yancey McGill, Secretary
Peggy Wayne, Treasurer


S.C. Rep. Carl Anderson
Hon. Frank McClary
Mr. Johnny Morant
Mr. Jerry Oakley
Mr. Murray Vernon
Ms. Peggy Wayne
Hon. Alma White


Hon. Barbara Blain-Bellamy
Hon. Robert Childs
Mr. Cam Crawford
S.C. Rep. Heather Crawford
Ms. Jean Powell Dozier
S.C. Rep. Russell Fry
Mr. Paul McCracken
Mr. Leslie McIver, Sr.
Mr. W. Paul Prince
Hon. John Rhodes
Ms. Jean Timbes
Mr. Randal Wallace


Hon. Charlie Fulton
Mr. Harry Huggins
Former Lt. Gov. J. Yancey McGill
Mr. Andy McKnight
S.C. Senator Ronnie Sabb
Hon. Darren Tisdale

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Waccamaw Regional Council of Governments

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