Tutorial and Video Guides to Filing for Unemployment Benefits

If you’re applying for unemployment benefits, please check out the tutorial guides and/or video guides to help you navigate the system.

Tutorial Links:
– https://www.dew.sc.gov/in…/apply-for-benefits/claims-process
• Creating a username and password.
• Registering an account.
• Filing your initial UI claim.
• Filing weekly claims.

Video Links:
– https://www.dew.sc.gov/individuals/tools/tutorial-videos
• How to Register | Learn how to register in the new system.
• Create an Account | Learn how to set up your account in the benefits system.
• File a New Claim | Learn how to file an initial claim in the system as a new claimant.
• Claiming Weekly | Learn how to file your weekly claim in the unemployment benefits system.
• Wages Tutorial | Learn what wages to report when filing your weekly unemployment claim.

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