Staff Directory

Waccamaw Regional’s professional staff has an extensive range of experience, allowing the agency to meet the broad and varied needs of the communities and government agencies it serves.

Sarah Penick Smith, Executive Director 843-436-6135
Arnold Johnson, Deputy Director for Admin & Finance 843-436-6124
Kelly H. Stuckey, Finance Director 843-436-6120
Darryl Elliott, IT and Data Services Manager 843-436-6134
Stacy Martell, Administrative and Financial Assistant 843-436-6253
Marsha Smith, Grant Services Director 843-436-6141
Frankie Davis, Community Development Construction Coordinator 843-436-6133
Imani Jones, Grant Administrator 843-436-6122
Clare Nichols, Grant Administrator 843-436-6122
Kim Harmon, Aging Director 843-436-6143
Justin Blomdahl, Aging Program Coordinator 843-436-6123
Trina Cason, IR & A Specialist & Mobility Manager 843-436-2110
Lisa Daniels, Finance & Admin Services Coord / Execcutive Asst 843-436-6602
Jamie Davis, Regional Ombudsman Assistant 843-546-2757
Katrinia Everett, Aging Services Assessor 843-546-8502
Zandrena Gamble, Aging Services Assessor 843-546-8502
Valerie Gonzalez, Family Caregiver Advocate 843-436-6144
Samantha McClary, Medicare Specialist 843-436-6252
Sherrin Mazyck, Aging Services Assessor 843-546-8502
Tasia Stackhouse, Regional Ombudsman 843-436-6145
Beulah Torbit, Long Term Care Ombudsman 843-436-6601
Danielle Wilson-Bennett, Aging Services Assessor 843-546-8502
Mark Hoeweler, Assistant Executive Director 843-436-6130
Leigh Kane, Local Planning Services Director 843-436-6125
Steve Roach, GIS Planner 843-436-6134
Elizabeth Tucker, Senior Planner 843-436-6136
Tom Dobrydney, Senior Planner 843-436-6131
Chelsea Cogliano, Associate Planner 843-436-6129
Ayla Hemeon, Workforce Development Director 843-436-6137
Cathy Archer, WIOA Fiscal Coordinator 843-436-6257
Rusty Gaskins, Business and Economic Services Manager 843-546-1852
Kerri Kellahan, Local Government/Business Services Administrator 843-436-6256
Tomas Langley, Workforce & Economic Development Consultant 843-436-6128
Kim McCutchen, Business Service Representative 843-436-6139
Amy Ross, Performance & Compliance Manager 843-436-6261


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