Transit Planning

Waccamaw Regional Transportation Coordination Plan

WRCOG, in conjunction with South Carolina Department of Transportation and URS, developed a Transportation Coordination Plan for the region.  The coordination plan is intended to create an inventory of area transportation services and identify gaps in transportation service for the affected transportation disadvantaged population.

Waccamaw Regional Transportation Coordination Plan

Rural Transit Planning

Waccamaw Regional, along with South Carolina Department of Transportation’s Office of Public Transit (OPT), assists and communicates to our rural transit providers when federal transit program funds are available. The federal transit program funds support our rural transit providers with capital or operational costs, or both, to be able to meet the needs of our rural transit dependent population.

Urban Transit Planning

WRCOG has become a new Transportation Management Area (TMA). The 2010 Census illustrated that the Waccamaw region’s Urbanized Area (UZA)  population was at least 200,000, ultimately making the organization the designated recipient of Urbanized Area Formula Program funds.  A designated recipient is an agency that is responsible for receiving and apportioning Federal Transit Administration funds to the eligible projects within the applicable urbanized area or areas.

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